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Ukranian Musicians – on the Top of the British Rating

Onuka, Zapaska, Okean Elzy & Ummagma

Prestigious website Overblown Webzine named the best music bands from all the Postsoviet countries. The rating is called “Best of 2016 – Former Soviet Union”. It includes 4 bands from Ukraine.  First place was taken by a duet “Zapaska” from Kamenetz-Podolsk. Their triumphal album is called “Pomalu”. Okean Elzy took the second place; Ukranian-Canadian “Ummagma” are third; ONUKA is 4-th. Other six…
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British magazine named TOP-11 best Ukranian releases of 2016


British musical magazine “Louder Than War” named Top Ukraine Releases of the Year 2016! (  “While music blogs so often look to the main music-exporters of the world to guide their annual ‘Best of’ lists, this time around, it’s worth exploring some of the music coming from another hotbed enclave of cultural activity – Ukraine”, – british journalists say.  This…
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Polyana Music Festival press conference

Polyana Music Festival_2

Recently, there have been Polyana Music Festival press conference held, where Eugenia Stryzhevska (the festival’s ideologist) lifted the veil from what waits us at this event. Finally, Deep Forest will perform full live for the first time in Ukraine. Groups from the UK, Bulorussia and Poland will come to us. ONUKA is preparing a surprise for the audience. The Polyana…
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Eastern European Playlist from EASTASTE


Eastaste ( helps the world get acquainted with the new music of Eastern Europe by creating playlists. Every mohth the “New kids from the Bloc” rubric supports this way a lot of young performers and bands. Playlists are always made by brave and interested musicians, who like discovering something new in music.   The last one was created by Side…
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