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Насолоджуємось українською музикою разом

Student Choirs: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard vs KNU, KPI, NaUKMA


Being a student is great, did you know? A few years spent at university are supposed to be one of the most interesting phases in your life. It is the time of deciding who you are, choosing your own specific way. The time when you`re the one who thinks what to do with your time, how to spend days and…
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Eastern European Playlist from EASTASTE


Eastaste ( helps the world get acquainted with the new music of Eastern Europe by creating playlists. Every mohth the “New kids from the Bloc” rubric supports this way a lot of young performers and bands. Playlists are always made by brave and interested musicians, who like discovering something new in music.   The last one was created by Side…
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With hope in the heart: 10 Ukrainian songs about war


1. Ukrainian band Gaidamaki in collaborration with singers Andrey Mackarevich (Russia) and Maciej Malenczuk (Poland) performed song “Тільки любов залишить тебе живим” (“Only Love Can Help You Stay Alive”).   2. Song «Я чую» (“I Hear”) was performed by Ukranian band «Друга ріка». Here you may find everything – pain, tiredness and desperate dream of peace. 3. Song «Повертайся живим» (“Come…
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Carol of the Bells / Щедрик. Music sheet and piano lesson

Carol of the bells_Щедрик_Piano

Kyiv Music Labs created a music sheet and video tutorial of our own version of Carol of the Bells on piano. This version is for elementary and intermediate level. So, just be patient and you can learn how to play it! Ми створили відео урок та ноти Щедрика для фортепіано спеціально до новорічно-різдвяних свят. Трохи терпіння та Ви зможете заграти…
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