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Новый альбом Cheshires «Суперминор» как повод поразмыслить


Группа Cheshires объявила о выходе нового студийного альбома «Суперминор» 20 марта 2017 года, в поддержку которого музыканты отправятся во всеукраинский тур. Альбом объединяет в себе 10 песен, саунд которых стал лаконичнее, тяжелее, и получил вкрапления электронной музыки. На своих страницах во Вконтакте и Facebook одесситы представили тизер нового видео на песню «Снег», которая войдет в новую пластинку. По словам участников…
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Small Depo New Single 2017

Small Depo - Ne Otpuskaet Nikogda

13 февраля киевский пост-панк коллектив Small Depo, презентовал новый сингл и видео работу под названием “Ne Otpuskaet Nikogda”. “Это честные слова о любви и советы самому себе, они были написаны под звук столичных заторов и свет ночных городов, в момент ожидания весны и бурлящих чувств внутри.” — лидер группы Максим Ищенко. “Для меня ‘Не отпускает никогда’ – абсолютно новый материал…
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“Three Sisters”. Loneliness in town where no one understands music


“Three sisters” is a very significant play for “Mizanthrope” theatre. That`s actually how “Misanthrope” began its way. People from many Ukranian cities have already seen “Three Sisters” during a large tour that occurred last year. Combination of genres impressed public that time… And it still impresses. Professional acting in addition to high-class choreography and wonderful music – Illia Moshchytskiy, Mykola…
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“Giselle” by Radu Poklitaru. Adam, motorcycles and an eternity


October Palace, 10-th of December: an evening of ballet and high-power emotions. A great feast for everyone who loves Radu Poklitaru and Kyiv Modern Ballet Theatre. Traditionally, so many people and so many flowers. We were given a possibility to make an amazing journey during these two hours. We traveled through different epochs. We listened to wonderful music by Adam…
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Bebe. Spanish passion in Caribbean Club


Many people are going to love her art. Everyone will find something for themselves, elements of rock, jazz, pop – even a drop of flamenco. Spanish singer BEBE visited Kyiv again – the concert was a part of a big “10 years of Bebe” tour . On December 10 at the CARIBBEAN CLUB she performed songs from the album “CAMBIO DE…
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THE #NewKidsfromtheBloc ARE COMING!


Get to know the Showcase Festival of Eastern Europe! BUSH is happening in 2016 for the first time, and we are proud to announce the first wave of acts and speakers! Between 16-19 November comes BUSH. The event that features upcoming musicians from all over Eastern-Europe to showcase their music for the international and regional professional public and music fans.…
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Polyana Music Festival press conference

Polyana Music Festival_2

Recently, there have been Polyana Music Festival press conference held, where Eugenia Stryzhevska (the festival’s ideologist) lifted the veil from what waits us at this event. Finally, Deep Forest will perform full live for the first time in Ukraine. Groups from the UK, Bulorussia and Poland will come to us. ONUKA is preparing a surprise for the audience. The Polyana…
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Top-10 Ukranian Music Festivals


Ukraine sings and rocks! Many different festivals help music lovers be permanently joyful. A variety of genres is large: you may find here almost everything. From Classical to Electro and Techno. From Lviv to Kherson. Here is a list of the most famous Ukranian music fests. Surround yourself with music!  1. Alfa Jazz Fest Always in June Jazz lovers plan…
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Student Choirs: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard vs KNU, KPI, NaUKMA


Being a student is great, did you know? A few years spent at university are supposed to be one of the most interesting phases in your life. It is the time of deciding who you are, choosing your own specific way. The time when you`re the one who thinks what to do with your time, how to spend days and…
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Carol of the Bells / Щедрик. Music sheet and piano lesson

Carol of the bells_Щедрик_Piano

Kyiv Music Labs created a music sheet and video tutorial of our own version of Carol of the Bells on piano. This version is for elementary and intermediate level. So, just be patient and you can learn how to play it! Ми створили відео урок та ноти Щедрика для фортепіано спеціально до новорічно-різдвяних свят. Трохи терпіння та Ви зможете заграти…
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