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BUSH newly presents the most appealing performers of the region


Hungary is again to become the center of the Eastern European music scene between 15-17 November. After last year’s successful first festival, Budapest will be re-invaded by the most important members of the regional music scene, promoters, music journalists, festival organisers, and bands. The change has started right after the first festival, when several Eastern European bands visited Budapest, while…
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Wolf on Wall Street Turned Singer-Songwriter New Single


A passionate and thoughtful singer/songwriter, Matt Koelsch [‘kel-sh’] has built his musical career around stirring lyrics, percolating rhythms, and soaring vocals. His songs strike a chord with listeners as he draws inspiration from the gains, losses and adventures throughout his life growing up in New England. During the height of the recession Koelsch took a leap of faith from his anchored position in the…
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Fresh Tunes From Eastern Europe


New Kids From The Bloc prepared a new playlist, curated by the Bucharest based electronic/indie pop queen, Helen. All songs had been picked from Eastaste‘s music catalogue where you can find fresh tunes from the Baltics to the Balcans.  This time Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Hungary is in focus with Amoeba, Malibu B, Zomblaze, Otherside, Pasts, Boris Carloff, Kubatko,…
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Via Wonderland: Acid Inspired Indie Rock New Single


Jason is tripping in Hollywood at 2AM. Having just taken acid for the first time, he navigates through a vortex of geometric displays comprising the essence of life before deciding he simply must go on a night hike up the Beachwood Canyon trail to the iconic Hollywood sign. The band Jason has played guitar in since age 16 has just broken up after…
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“Play Encore” – the concert of violinist Oles` Yasko

18472539_543347172502226_1817397381_o (1)

On May, 22 the concert  “Play Encore” is going to take place at Concert Hall of National Union Of Composers of Ukraine. Violinist Oles` Yasko is going to perform masterpieces by Ukrainian and worldwide composers. The soloist is going to be accompanied by “Kyivs`ka Kamerata” ensemble. “Play Encore” – is a unique concert which is filled with musical spirit of…
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Nashville TV Star New Single


Riley Smith vocals and songwriting stunningly blend country rock, hard-hitting soulful Americana and modern pop for a sound rarely found in music today.  No secret to those familiar with his lead role on the popular TV show “Nashville”, Smith’s gritty, yet smooth, singing voice and charismatic presence have built him a career on stage and screen.  Acting in popular shows like…
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Offbeat Indie Pop Activist New Single


Lucy & La Mer is the stunning musical endeavour of Los Angeles based singer, songwriter and activist Lucy LaForge. Lucy’s sound consists of delicate indie folk melodies, alluring pop layered vocals and her signature baritone ukulele.    Her latest single “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down” is produced by Grammy Award-winning Jared Lee Gosselin (India Arie, Eminem, Corinne Bailey Rae). Featuring breathy vocals, poignantly honest…
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“Album with the poets”

album2_2 (1)

“Album with the poets” is a music album dedicated to the great poetry of world’s authors. It’s a new vision of literature with the feedback of past in the face of original historical readings of Guillaum Apollinaire, James Joyce, Simon Chikovani, Jóhannes úr Kötlum, Tonino Guerra, Gorge Borges, Vasyl Stus, Samuel Beckett, Charles Bukowski, Robert Frost and Stefan Burnett. It’s…
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Infectious Psychedelic Indie Electro New Single


Vox Eagle is the Aussie-American electro-psych pop duo, consisting of Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel. Experimental instrumentations combined with deep synths and driving beats has successfully allowed the duo to create a stunning EP enriched with a variety of sounds. Vox Eagle emerged through a strong friendship, after Crosby and Hamel met whilst touring together in a previous band. During…
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NPR Approved Afro Folk Singer

unnamed (6)

“Naomi Wachira is an artist of formidable talent and heart.  Her music & songwriting brings together harmonies that speak across continents and cultures.” Northwest Music Scene“I am an African girl, well I know where I’m coming from, and I know who I want to be…”  is the defiant soul-anthem that jumpstarted Afro-Folk Singer/Songwriter Naomi Wachira onto a whole new path…
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