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“Rebel Babe” by Lucy & La Mer

“There’s a lot of pressure to “look gay” or “look straight” – it feels like everyone expects you to take a side. That type of binary thinking inspired the song and especially the music video that I wrote for it. We have to let go of polarized thinking. You can be feminist and also be feminine, you can be queer and still be “girly”. There are so many wonderful identities encompassed on the wide spectrum of gender and sexuality that I find it ridiculous (and extremely burdensome) to expect individuals to fall into one of two categories.” – Lucy
Known for her bright melodies and disarming lyrics, Lucy  has  charted on College Radio, followed by a national tour and 2 semi-finalist spots in the International Songwriter Contest. After landing in LA, she began performing live with a full band and caught the attention of major press like the LA Times. Lead by Lucy’s welcoming stage presence and unmistakable attire, they’ve performed

at LA Fashion Week, The Rose Bowl, CMJ Music Marathon, Echo Park Rising, KCRW’s Chinatown Summer Nights, Jam in the Van, BalconyTV, and also performed for the Mayor of LA.

And as if that wasn’t enough 

they’ve hosted fundraising concerts for LA’s LGBT Center (the “Love is Gay” event) and shocked their crowd at Lucy’s Locks of Love benefit when Lucy cut 15-inches of her hair off on stage to be donated to the cause.

Could she be more awesome? *Chandler Bing’s voice*
Text and photo were given by Lucy & La Mer