Kyiv Music Labs

idmental – mental music from Ukraine


Fresh out of the Ukraine comes the Mental musical styling of Yaro. A self taught Electronic musician honing is craft over Thirteen years.

…Learning to master and mix and to rip it up on his Akai MPC1000, Virus Ti, Kaosspad 3, Studio One.

In the real world apart from being a free lance sound and light engineer our musical master works in his own travel firm that experience of planning the perfect nights for ya’ll Yaro has garnered great experience playing in the clubs and at psytrance festivals in Kiev and of course playing personal parties creating great experiences.

Listen to this Music and it threw you back to a time when electronic music less about covering bases and ticking boxes. Those of us that were lucky enough to be part of the days of genius such Liam Howelett and Moby would be right to drawn comparison… this Music is for every one.. if you love electronic music this tracks ya’ll should own… May the force be with us!