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psychedelic + nostalgia + lithuania = new song

It’s a synth ballad and a video about the summer, about the peaks of mountains and the peaks of days, about friends and fields, about truths and tresses. Once you’ve heard somewhere that you’re infinite, but the summer ends, you have to climb down the mountain, evening comes, friends leave, at the edge of the field there’s a forest, truths wear out and you cut down your tresses…
New band’s single from the upcoming (second) album. First album “Above Us” (2015)
Garbanotas Bosistas: Šarukas Joneikis (vocals), Mantas Joneikis (guitar), Kipras Pugačiukas (bass), Mantas Augustaitis (drums). Band is active for more then 8 years, kicks as in Lithuania, tours the Baltics, Germany, UK, the Balkans.

Enjoy the listening, share it if you feel it.
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Ieva / „Tilto namai”