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Budapest Showcase Hub is opening with an international line-up

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For the second time between 2017 November 15-17 BUSH is showcasing the best newcomers and upcoming bands from the Eastern European region.

After last year’s successful start, agents, bands, promoters, festival organizers and music experts gather for an annual professional and cultural event in the heart of Budapest.

On 15th November BUSH is opening in Akvárium club with a threesome of the most popular Eastern European bands:

Ivan & The Parazol (HU)- The young and sexy rock formation inspired by old school sounds.


Kamp! (PL)- The masters of smooth synth pop.


Noëp (EE) – brings some positive energy and cheerful electronica.


With the special voting system, almost 400 music experts helped to build the line up of the festival. This year, from 15 countries, 33 Eastern European bands will have the chance to showcase themselves on BUSH. In the first round the following bands are announced, See the mini video here!

Byron (RO)- The bluesy alternative rock band tries to find answers to the big questions of life.


Mustelide (BY)- A solo performer working with analog synthesizers, samplers, singing in her mother tongue.


Helen (RO)- New age electro with poetic lyrics by a jazz vocalist


Mart Avi (EE)- Ghastly baritone, and theatrical mannerisms just like a Victorian explorer.


Acute Dose (CZ)- Adrenaline and chilling in a park, slacker rock and post hardcore, deep forest meditation and picking up wasted girls at the coolest rave.

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The Qualitons (HU)- A new twist on ‘60s-‘70s mod-beat and funk music.


Koloah (UA)- Wild trip through experimental pastures, bass, techno, and electro.


To foster the musical exploration, the team has also launched a youtube channel #newkidsfromthebloc focusing on the regional music scene, with unique and fresh video contents from bands and professionals.

The goal of the creators is to offer a regional Eastern-European music experience that would lead to better regional self-recognition opportunities, therefore BUSH 2017 is hosting workshops and speakers, focusing on booking, PR, and showbiz. Some of the topics:

The future of copyright management: Where is the money? Presented by Armonia How to use digital services the best ways? How much is too much or too little on Youtube or Spotify?

Synch in Hollywood vs big TV vs Eastern Europe - How to play your cards and your music on bigger screen, explained by Nora Felder Emmy nominated music supervisor and Jesper Gadeberg award winning music stylist for ads.

Granturismo - Get your band on the map. Speed meeting series with some of the most influential booking and PR agents from 15 countries.

Get a music video- Kinopravda- Competition for bands: Kinopravda a collective of hot directors and filmmakers in co-production with Newkidsfromthebloc will make a music video for one of the bands whose song they like the most.

Hurry up, because BUSH early bird tickets are on sale for a limited time only.

More about BUSH, bands and conference program:

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