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BUSH newly presents the most appealing performers of the region


Hungary is again to become the center of the Eastern European music scene between 15-17 November. After last year’s successful first festival, Budapest will be re-invaded by the most important members of the regional music scene, promoters, music journalists, festival organisers, and bands.

The change has started right after the first festival, when several Eastern European bands visited Budapest, while many Hungarian music gigs were held in foreign clubs across Europe. These cross country performances were organized by #newkidsfromthebloc, the movement that came to life by the people behind BUSH.

This summer Eastern European bands will join the line-up of some of the major Hungarian festivals. Moreover the  #newkidsfromthebloc performers are going to have their stage on Atlas Weekend Festival in Kiev, with the gig of Tesla Boy from Russia, Otherside from Romania, YGT from Slovenia, Rezident, Cherokey and Secret Avenue from Ukraine.

A video channel will also help the musical exploration.

Thematic music related videos are made about the best and biggest Eastern European bands, influencers, trendsetters and experts who guide us through the region and its most fascinating figures, events & trends. It features artist collaborations, covers with local heroes, and unusual filming locations. Several Hungarian and foreign bands already took part in these special collaborations, like  Budapest based Black Bartók and Persons from Porlock from Slovenia, Hungarian Fran Palermo with the Belarus Mustelide. The videos will also feature NV Kate, Ewert and the two Dragons and more.

The aim of the newkidsfromthebloc channel is to give more insight to the regional pop culture and to promote cross-border cultural awareness between the V4 countries, that would lead to a bigger recognition of the region.

Due to the persistent work of the team, Budapest Showcase Hub became az inevitable meeting point for the international professionals.

This year BUSH will not only showcase the concerts of the best upcoming bands, but the conference programme will also have some novelties. One of them is a speed meeting series called Gran Turismo, where everyone can choose their preferred country, geographic area and talking partner.

This year BUSH is putting more emphasis on the musical segment of the entertainment industry through its professional programmes.

Music supervisors of the advertising and film industry are holding events, but one of the highlights of the programme is the talk of Nora Felder. She is head of Picture Music Company, an organization that focuses on music supervision for movies and television series. Nora takes the credit for the musical selection of Californication, Ray Donovan and the latest the cult favourite Stranger Things.

Besides her presentation she is holding a so-called listening session where contestants can send in music based on a fictional television series.   

Music strategy and business potentials are the main topics for Wesley A’Harrah, the representative of Music.Ally. This time he is going to analyse the promos of the bands that register to his panel.

Last year all kind of styles and bands showcased themselves on the 26 concerts of BUSH. The goal of the organisers is repeatedly to bring the most stunning Eastern European bands to Budapest. Therefore BUSH will again have the most democratic line-up among the showcase festivals.The music professionals of the attending countries are nominating bands from their motherland, and the final line-up is based on complex voting system amongst the opinion leaders. In 2017 in collaboration with Gigmit international booking platform, BUSH gives the chance to one band to get in the line-up without the nomination procedure.

The venues of BUSH 2017 will all be in heart of Budapest city center, the cult clubbing scene of the city. The opening concerts are to be held in Akvárium Klub on the 15th November.

Until the end of the summer tickets are on sale on az early bird price.

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Text and photo were given by Barbara Fränk