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“Album with the poets”

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“Album with the poets” is a music album dedicated to the great poetry of world’s authors. It’s a new vision of literature with the feedback of past in the face of original historical readings of Guillaum Apollinaire, James Joyce, Simon Chikovani, Jóhannes úr Kötlum, Tonino Guerra, Gorge Borges, Vasyl Stus, Samuel Beckett, Charles Bukowski, Robert Frost and Stefan Burnett. It’s like a photo album with the different images which can take the listeners to a journey through the languages, continents and countries all around the world.

Poetry is unpredictable. You never know where it will lead you. At the same time it’s always seems to be something recognisable like memories, forbidden places from the childhood or dreams. It seems to be an internal voice which talks to you from exterior for the first time. And there is another kind of time, which contains all the three time forms simultaneously.

To be poetic is to be in another dimension. Out of linear time and out of daily being. Because when you look for the masterpieces of any genre of art like literature, music, cinema, you find something common. It’s another relation with the time. And maybe it’s the only way to connect with eternal life and something out of world’s existence and human’s consciousness which is approachable for people.