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Ukranian Musicians – on the Top of the British Rating

Onuka, Zapaska, Okean Elzy & Ummagma

Prestigious website Overblown Webzine named the best music bands from all the Postsoviet countries. The rating is called “Best of 2016 – Former Soviet Union”. It includes 4 bands from Ukraine. 

First place was taken by a duet “Zapaska” from Kamenetz-Podolsk. Their triumphal album is called “Pomalu”. Okean Elzy took the second place; Ukranian-Canadian “Ummagma” are third; ONUKA is 4-th.

Other six places were divided between bands from Russia, Estonia and Belarus.


“Some ghosts just don’t know when to die. 2016 marked the 30-year anniversay of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant meltdown, so what better time to reflect on this ongoing spectre from the past while looking forward to the future of these nations – with music reflecting each of their respective cultures, like a window to their beautiful souls – aside from all the negativity seen on the political front – today we’ll take a glance (and drag you along with us) toward some wonderful discoveries”, – the author, Jamie Coughlan, said.


Top-10 best releases from countries of former Soviet Union, according to Overblown Webzine: 

  1. Zapaska – “Pomalu”
  2. Океан Ельзи – “Без меж”
  3. Ummagma – “WinterTale” і “Frequency”
  4. Onuka – “Vidlik”
  5. Sounds of Sputnik – “NewBorn”
  6. Pinkshinyultrablast – “Grandfeathered”
  7. Gnoomes – “Ngan!”
  8. Super Besse – “636108*”
  9. She Bit Her Lip – “Viiv”
  10. Pia Fraus – “AutumnWinds”

To read the article on Overblown: