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Top-50 Releases of the Last Half of the Year


1. Myopia EP

Myopia is a two-piece band. This EP was produced by them in january and became one of the most successful releases of Ukranian winter. You may find it in our playlist on SoundCloud (it is below).

2. Fokks – Firefly

Light and warm sound from the young indie-rock band from Sumi.

3. Roller Genoa — Little Liar

A two-song single from the band from Cherkasy.

4. Dead Boys Girlfriend – Love Buzz (Shocking Blue cover)

Crazy energy and hard rock sound.

5. Був’є

The project by a famous Ukranian singer Sashko Polozhinsky from Tartak band. It`s some way souds similar to Tartak, though, it`s an absolutely new music story.

6. 5 Vymir — Менше зайвих кроків

5 Vymir performed the song in order to support “Hromadske: Culture” project by Hromadske TV.

7. 5’nizza – Вперед

This new video was shot at streets of sunny and joyful San Francisco. Maybe that-s why it is so sunny and joyful, how do you think? ;-)

8. Us – Ground Zero ЕР

Interesting and highly original EP. You may find here many different emotions and sound of high quality.

 9. Onuka – Vidlik ЕР

It is an album dedicated to one of the biggest tragedies in Ukrainian history: Chornobyl.

10. Onuka – Vidlik

This is a video for the song.

11. Epolets – Cult LP 

It was recorded during the live performance, but still, sound is good.

12. Fontaliza – Відчувай (Feel)

It was the first song from Fontaliza, performed in Ukranian language. We think, it`s worth listening.

13. Torvald – Киев днем и ночью (Kyiv in nights and days)

14. Jamala – 1944

Jamala won the Eurovision with this song. The tragedy of Crimea Tatars captured the hearts of European music lovers. It may capture your heart too.

15. The Hardkiss – Helpless

The other song whish was considered for Eurovision. It`s probably worth listening.

16. Million Kopek – Love Frustration

Debut release by a French-Ukranian band.

17. Pur:Pur – We Do Change

Still talking about Eurovision: this young band from Kharkiv took part in National final.

18.  The Dark Wood – Orpheus

Mystical video retelling one of the most tragic love stories of all times.

19. 5 Vymir – Вічність, Холод у волоссі

It`s not only about resistance, first of all it`s about freedom. Listen to the intellectual rock by this  band from Kyiv.

20. Antonina Project – Sirii Gusy

It is a project by Antonina Matvienko and Olexandra Shulga. Here you may find the authentic sound and ethnic instruments.

21. Vivienne Mort – Rosa 

Beautiful voice and very original sound.

22. Torvald – Сніг (Snow)

The romantic video about relationship of two people. It helps you understand the message of the song.

23. Группа “её”  – фрідом (Freedom) 

It is certainly a new level of Ukranian pop-music.

24. Сергей Бабкин – #Неубивай (#Don`tkill)

18 songs in Russian and Ukranian. Very personal and touching.

25. Alloise – Episodes

It`s melancholic, though it`s not about going desperate and giving up. Vice versa, it gives you hope and belief.

26. С.К.А.ЙНе Забувай (Don`t Forget)

It is about spring and optimism. It helps you believe that everything`s gonna be fine.

27. Zapaska – Pomalu

This band is wide-known for their brave experiments in music. Check out what they managed to create this time.

28. Arlett – Arlett

It was recorded in spring time. It brings romantic mood and good emotions.


29. Sinoptik – Interplanet Overdrive

Sinoptik is a band from Donetsk. They won “Global Battle of Bands” (Ukranian choice). Now you may listen to their new long-play.

30. Tape Flakes – Made for Love

They found the insight in music of 70-th. It`s very special and interesting.

31. Peter and the Wolves – Stop Right Away

Here you may listen to sound of some unusual instruments. For example, Petro Cherniavsky, the soloist, used here “buzky” – a very specific instrument from Greece.

32. Zagreb – Betrays Before Explore

Zagreb is a young band from Dnipro. They play indie-rock.

33. Pianoboy “Родимки” (Moles)

Very emotional sound. A lot of interesting instruments were used.

34. Pianoбой – Родимки

This is the video for Pianoboy`s song. As you may see, it`s very romantic.

35. Panivalkova – Донтворі (Don`t worry)

A lot of original instruments (guiro, castanets etc). Unique sound.

36. Бумбокс – Люди (People)

Boombox is a famous Ukranian band. This single is second in their history.

37.  Усеїн Бекіров – Taterrium

Usein Bekirov recorded it in collaboration with other famous musicians, for example, Jamala, Laura Marti. Crimea-Tatar songs in jazz arrangement.

38. Semmar – Босфор

The debut album by the indie-band from Kyiv.

39. Postman – Cold Side of Your Bed, До Зірок

Kostiantyn Pochtar presented two new tracks produced in collaboration with violinist Moe Nagasi.

40. Cepasa – Always Beautiful

Original sound and interesting video. 5 different people, 5 stories. Worth listening, worth watching.

41. Fontaliza – Anarchy is on my mind

This band is well-known for their live-performances. By the way, one of such performances is recorded here, in this video.

42. Bloom Twins – Amnesia

Bloom Twins is a British band with Ukranian roots. Sisters Sonia and Anya Kuprienko presented their new song called “Amnesia” in club “Atlas” (Kyiv). It was their first solo concert in motherland.

43. The Maneken – Sale 60%

It is the second part of the “Sale” album by a singer Yevhen Filatov. Listen to it on Soundcloud.

44. Тартак – Жити (To live)

The composition is very profound. Many attention to the lyrics.

45. Спів БратівСпів Бітлів (Singing of Beatles)

The band made their old dream real: they performed some famous songs by Beatles in Ukranian.

 46. My Imaginary Friends – “Emergency Brake”


48. Postman – До зірок 

49. Postman feat. Sasha Boole – Nine Times Blue

50. Stadtgarten – Ліриди 

 Last but not least: so romantic and charming song. It brings some comfort and joy to ones who listen.


The playlist was created by Tetiana Melnychenko and Vira Duzhak