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THE #NewKidsfromtheBloc ARE COMING!


Get to know the Showcase Festival of Eastern Europe! BUSH is happening in 2016 for the first time, and we are proud to announce the first wave of acts and speakers!

Between 16-19 November comes BUSH. The event that features upcoming musicians from all over Eastern-Europe to showcase their music for the international and regional professional public and music fans.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been asking music experts from all over Europe to recommend their favourite bands from their countries. More than 100 votes were registered from 13 countries, which made an impressive 318 bands in total. Here, we would like to announce the first few of them that you will definitely see in Budapest in November.

Check out the first great acts, that confirmed for the very first BUSH!
GOLAN the Bucharest based trio was formed in 2013, and quickly became the star of the Romanian electronic music scene. Their combination of house, acid jazz and new R’n’B and their use of special instruments like flute or trumpet creates one-off melodies.
Listening for the first time, one might think that STRAY DOGG is a band coming from the sleepy Arizona. But these dreamy indie-folk songs are composed and recorded in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2013 the Serbian national TV station chose Stray Dogg as the best band of the country.
KOALA VOICE is the super young and super talented quartet from eastern Slovenia merges indie-pop with lo-fi guitars and surf rock, spicing it up with a hint of punk, creating the perfect and careless 70’s sounds. The band was recently hailed by the UK’s DIY mag as “one of the five best discoveries at Eurosonic 2016”!
The name of the 27 years old producer JIMMY PÉ is well-known in the world’s music festivals like Pohoda, Outlook, Sziget or Liverpool Sound City. Jimmy is one of the most promising artist of Gergaz Label, the community which is best known for spotting the future superstars of Slovakia. Production-wise, this producer can jump in to various music territories without failing to keep his own signature sound which main ingredients are broken rhythms spiced up by characteristic leaps between melancholy and euphoria.
The hungarian GUSTAVE TIGERS’s music often referred to as cathedral punk, post- and proto punk at the same time. Soon after their formation in 2013 they became the most influential art punk band in the Budapest underground scene. By mixing elements of the 80’s and 90’s alternative music with punk energy and literary lyrics no wonder why they are a distinct phenomenon not only in the country but also in the region.

Don’t miss out the exciting programmes and workshops of motivating speakers, who are ready to share their inspiring stories and innovative ideas with you!

We are excited to confirm the following speakers for BUSH 2016.

Previously a musician, engineer, producer, remixer and promoter, Simon Wheeler, director of Digital at Beggars Group, who has spoken at most music conferences around the world about digital music and media strategy, made statements to the UK parliament on DRM and has testified at the USA’s CRB webcasting proceedings.

Wesley A’Harrah from the most prestigious music magazine, is going to hold workshops about Campaign Surgery,best practices and case studies from the most interesting digital marketing campaigns and new platforms and A global view of the next generation, how could reach the next generation of music fans.
Andrew Apanov is the founder of “Dotted Music”, music marketing agency, creator of a growth training and community platform, the author of Music Promotion Growth Hacking and the weekly WeSpin Recipes podcast. He will be holding a workshop about Growth hacking music marketing, how to approach music promotion like a tech startup.


From November 2016 the world is going to look at the Eastern European music scene from a brand new perspective. Between 16-19 November for the first time Budapest Showcase Hub offers the opportunity for music professionals, music fans, bands and audiocrats to connect, immerse and discover the potentials of the region’s music industry.
BUSH is a Music Showcase festival that features upcoming musicians from all over Eastern-Europe to showcase their music for the international and regional professional public. It is an event for regional representatives of the profession – management, labels, clubs, festival organisers- for brands and content providers and last but not least for music lovers: everyone who would like to learn about the latest regional trends and listen to concerts of the most edgy performers of CEE.
We invite the most influential bands, figures, media outlets from 13 countries who help explore the visions and opportunities of the region from the Balkan to the Baltic. More than 25 concerts, 20 professional programs, 250 professionals and a lot more…

BUSH’s aim is to show the vibrant and sexy creative music scene of Eastern-Europe in a progressive way.
The festival has an international focus. The goal of the creators is to offer a regional Eastern-European music experience that would lead to better regional self-recognition opportunities, and represent an Eastern-European “Best Of” selection for the representatives of the global music scene. Overall it would widen the opportunities of the regional music industry by putting upcoming talents on the map of the global music industry – by using regional events.


Although several showcase festivals are organized by various countries BUSH focuses on representing the whole CEE region and not a single country.
One of the main agenda is to strengthen and widen the regional market and regional co-operations by organizing workshops professional panels and talks.

With the scope of the professional workshops and talks the organizer’s goal was to be proactive and progressive. Among the themes there are digital workshop, educational programs and glimpse into the trends of the live music business of the region.

BUSH is going to take place in Budapest, one of the most exciting and vibrant capital of the region, which it a perfect place to show the diversity of the CEE music scene. The central of BUSH is the Gozsdu courtyard. The famous Budapest entertainment district is a core quarter to represent various kinds of entertainment the city can offer: concert places, ruin pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, history, and culture in a very close proximity.

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