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Eastern European Playlist from EASTASTE


Eastaste ( helps the world get acquainted with the new music of Eastern Europe by creating playlists. Every mohth the “New kids from the Bloc” rubric supports this way a lot of young performers and bands. Playlists are always made by brave and interested musicians, who like discovering something new in music.  

The last one was created by Side Project, the band from Croatia – young duet who found their own way of making music.  They mix something that they like with something really new, music that wasn`t heard before. Their sound is little similar to  The XX, but on another level.

Anja та Luka told us about impression they got from creating the playlist:

“We didn’t have a particular way of picking artists for this playlist, we  listened to almost every single one we could find and just feeling the vibe of the song within the first minute. If we liked it, it became a part of the playlist. There were a few artists we knew about beforehand, but most of them were new to us. We feel like going through eastaste’s library is a great way of finding new music and we are very happy to show you just a tiny bit of it”.

In this selection you may find three tracks recorded by Ukranian performers: “Time” (ONUKA), “Tell Me Of Fire” (Alloise) and “Keep Moving On” (The Maneken). Such choice proves that Ukranian music is qualitative and interesting to the world.

Also you can find there:  Pyro Trees(LV),Gayana(RUS), Poprzytula(PL), Everything is made in China(RUS), Jekka(RUS),  Belau(HU),paMasc(HU), David Kollar(SK), Kashuks(LV), iamyank(HU).

Block from Eastaste is good for finding some new music. Use it and make sure that we are right :-)

You can find the playlist here: